Babes Ride Out. Comes to an end.

Not much can be said about the kind of bond that is created between so many different groups of people all coming together based off of a single common interest. This is what this trip is. The diversity of women I met in Joshua Tree over the weekend was incredible. Women of all ages, personalities, riding abilites, etc… All with only two things in common; being a woman, and the love of riding.  Women riders used to be almost unheard of until very recently; which is why this annual all-female overnight motorcycle campout in California is spreading like wildfire. Beginning in 2013, only 50 ladies were registered. Even in 2013 this was an awesome turnout, but from there to this year in 2015 there were 1200 registered ladies in attendance!!

The best part? This year a group of The Lita’s – Salt Lake City decided to convoy down to California together. Not wanting to trust the weatherman in Utah, the Lita’s decided to trailer down to St. George and ride on from there, thanks to Timp Harley. Being able to ride together as a group is always a great experience. Getting to know these girls on a whole different level was an awesome experience.

Hands down, a pretty unforgettable trip for Harley-lovers everywhere. 

& I can’t wait until next year. 


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