Timpanogos Harley goes to Oregon

There have been so many times we have customers come in from other states and even countries. Our dealership was built to be a destination, not only a stop. This has given us even more opportunities to meet Harley lovers from all  around the world. In fact, some of our best customers do not even live in the same state as us!

Unity, Oregon

One example that stands out is Gene.
Gene and his wife came into our store while visiting his family from Oregon.
He ended up falling in love with our Dyna Low Rider we had on the showroom floor.

In Washington, overlooking the Columbia River.

After financing and a day of figuring out how to get the bike home, Gene decided he would just ride the bike the 817 miles that it would take him to get back to his town in Oregon.

Just off Hwy 46 with the Clackamas River in the background.

We love the kind of impact one person can make on our Timpanogos Harley family. It is such an exciting experience to get to help make dreams a reality.

Silvia in the forest.

His bike, which he has dubbed Silvia has already gone on many adventures with him, and will continue to go on many more for the year.

Thanks Gene!

& we can’t wait to see you on your first visit!


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