Calling all new Harley riders.

Are you the kind of person that’s always toyed with the thought of becoming a motorcycle rider, but never knew where to start? Or maybe you thought it was too late?

We’re here to tell you, it’s never too late to begin living that dream.

Not only do we offer the opportunity to purchase a motorcycle, we also provide our own motorcycle Riding Academy at our location in order for you to gain the proper skills and knowledge that every rider should know. We’ll get you out on the road in no time.

  • Offering both a beginners as well as advanced riding courses.
  • Get your license without the hassle of the DMV driving test.
  • Feel more comfortable and confident on your own bike.
  • RideĀ a Harley-Davidson.
  • Learn skilled braking and turning, along with maneuvers: controlled skids and surmounting obstacles on a practice course.
  • Learn the basics of your motorcycle along with rider safety skills in the classroom.

25 hours of expert guidance from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Contact us for more information at (801) 434-4647.


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