Salty Babes

Women riders are becoming more and more common in the two-wheeled life. Some of which have been riding for wheels, while others only a couple of days. Here at Timpanogos Harley-Davidson, we’d like to do everything we can to help those of you who would like to learn how and don’t know where to begin.

We have began this by providing an all-ladies riding course in our Riding Academy program, offered every other month. This provides a less-intimidating environment to learn something you’ve always dreamt of learning to do.

Additionally, we have our annual Salty Babes Ride and Garage Party in July. (more details TBD) This is a free, Ladies only ride – a great time and a great way to meet fellow riders in your area.

Lastly, by posting a weekly ladies spotlight on what inspired them to choose the freedom of the rider’s seat.

Crystal Emery and her Dyna

“I have loved being on a bike since I was a little girl. My dad – while far from being a biker – rode a motorcycle to and from work everyday. I loved it when he would take me for rides. But it was my first boyfriend Michael – now my husband – who really introduced me to motorcycles. He came to pick me up on a blind date on his Yamaha mono-cylinder. While I didn’t ride with him then (I was smart enough not to get on the back of a bike with a guy I didn’t know) it wasn’t long before we were going everywhere on the bike together. He had a few different bikes while we were dating and has had a bike essentially the entire 28 years we’ve known each other. He is the one who taught me about biker culture and etiquette. He is the one who taught me the joy of being in the wind. He showed me how to work on the bike. He taught me to ride – and I did from time to time take the bike out for little errands or short jaunts up the canyon. Primarily, though, I spent our first 25 years together happily on the back. I love riding with him. I love wrapping my legs around him and seeing the world with him lovingly in my lap. That hasn’t changed. But a few years ago we found ourselves in a position to get a second bike. The Dyna. Man how I fell in love with that bike! That became the bike I took out on my minuscule adventures.

Then Michael started going on long solo rides for the first time – using the solitude to recharge. I missed the wind and the closeness to him when he was gone. So I would take the Dyna out to get my own time in the wind and feel close to my sweetheart. This past summer I heard about an all women motorcycle event called Babes Ride Out. Michael encouraged me to sign up and excitedly I did. In September 2016 I went on my first overnight solo adventure on the bike. Michael was riding the lower 48 states in 10 days with his best friend. It was his spirit of adventure that inspired my own. I also needed a “practice ride” to prove to myself that I could make the ride to Babes on my own. It was amazing! The weather was beautiful. The landscapes were epic. I even had bike trouble that I figured out on my own. I found my wings. I was ready.

The following month I packed up the Dyna and headed off to Babes Ride Out in Joshua Tree, California. I didn’t know a soul, but I figured I’d know a few by the end of the weekend. That ride changed my life. I learned so much about myself as I mustered up the courage to ride nearly 700 miles into the heart of a group of women I had never met. Michael says it was transformational. I still love riding with my man holding him in my lap, but I love riding beside him now too. I came home with the firm belief that I have nothing to prove to anyone – especially myself. I am a beautiful, intelligent, competent, caring woman doing my best to raise my daughters to be the same. I don’t have to prove that. It just is. I am enough. I am capable. I know more about who I am now. I see more of my God-given power. Moving forward I will try to do more things that bring me joy and less of what makes me feel bad about being myself. That is all I need to do to continue becoming the woman I want to become. And that woman will always be a biker.”

Tammy Johnson and her Harley, 2016 Softail Slim S

“I started riding a few years ago when my husband bought his bike. I loved being the lady on the back but after a while I started noticing women riding and I was so jealous of them. I didn’t think I was able to ride myself. My husband convinced me to just take the Harley Rider course and if I thought I could do it after then, I could decide if it was for me. I fell in love with riding! I was still nervous because I didn’t have the experience and even when I bought my motorcycle, I wasn’t ready to ride it home from Timp. I had my husband take it for me and we went immediately to a parking lot and practiced. Since then I want to ride every day that I can. In the last year I’ve put 6,264 miles on it. Last October I went on an all girls ride Babes Ride Out in Joshua Tree, California and I’ve met some of the most incredible fun people since then. I LOVE riding!”


Kerisa Devey, on her 2012 Sportster Low

“Making the choice to buy a Harley was a spur of the moment, desperate for change, life choice. I’d always envied women who ride, and I wanted to be a part of that culture and do something that was just for me. Walking into Timpanogos Harley I knew one thing, I wanted a red motorcycle. By some fate of the universe there was one red bike on the floor at the time, the moment I saw her I knew this was what I needed. Paperwork signed, and time to ride the bike home, there was one small detail overlooked… I still didn’t know how to ride. Timp had been so amazing as to offer me free riding classes, I would have to wait to get into a class. So, my best friend rode her to his house, and started to teach me how to ride. Somehow managing to not lay her down, and to begin find my balance on this bike, I began to understand why people do this. I found my own version of therapy on my motorcycle. I get to be alone and think through life, or to turn my thoughts off and ride. The best part, I found an amazing group of people who I get to enjoy some of the most beautiful parts of the world with.”


Emily Olsen, 2016 Iron 883

“Freedom has always been something I craved which is why my first car was a convertible. Nobody in  my family rides, the need for speed was just born in me! I bought my first motorcycle in California because I would be able to ride year round, it wasn’t a Harley but owning one was always the dream! Once I decided that it was time to achieve my dreams, getting a Harley-Davidson motorcycle was a given. I love my Iron 883!”


McKayleigh Hansen, Lowrider S

“I’ve loved things with motors as long as I can remember. When I was 4, I got a scar on my leg from climbing on my dad’s motorcycle after he told me not to and burning my leg on the pipe! I started riding motorcycles about 7 years ago! My very first motorcycle was a Honda CRF450. Dirtbiking was where my love for motorcycles started! I loved riding on the back of street bikes, but I wasn’t confident enough to ride on the road by myself. My husband encouraged me to take a safety course at Timp Harley to build my confidence! The course gave me the skills and confidence to be a better rider on the road! I bought my Dyna right after I finished the course in 2016! I love the feeling of embracing vulnerability on the road, making new friends who share a passion for motorcycles and exploring new places on two wheels.”


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